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About Guitar Repair Long Island

Guitar Repair Long Island is owned and operated by expert technician Erik Salomon. Conveniently located in Ronkonkoma NY, just north of the L.I.E. at exit 60, the shop is dedicated to providing quick, honest, and reliable service. Our vast experience in all aspects of guitar repair assure that we can help with whatever your repair needs are.

A far cry from a typical loud and cluttered music store, this clean space is dedicated to the purpose of caring for your prized instruments. Clients are seen one at a time in order to ensure a personal touch and the highest attention to detail. We also provide contract work for some of the islands finest independent music stores and recording studios. Additionally, schedule permitting, we are available for hire by venues and bands seeking stage hand and backline tech services.

How It Works

Guitar Repair Long Island is run by appointment-only to assure the highest level of customer service.

A far cry from a stereotypical music store or repair shop, this clean, quiet, and climate controlled facility is dedicated to the purpose of caring for your prized instruments.

If you need rush work, just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you, providing to do so will not interfere with a pre-existing deadline.

Call (631)-521-3848 or Email us today to discuss your needs or setup a personalized appointment.

This time is set aside specifically for you, so please try to be punctual.

Upon arriving for your appointment, we will thoroughly evaluate your instrument to determine the type of service required.

If you’re unsure of what repairs or maintenance your instrument requires, we can help you determine what needs to be done.

Together, we will decide the best course of action for your needs and provide you with an estimated price and completion date for all work to be performed.

Should anything additional come up during the course of the repair, we will call you for authorization before performing the additional work.

We want you to feel that your instrument is safe in our care!

The shop is secured 24/7 by a professionally monitored security system.

Full climate control ensures a stable environment.

Our private workspace ensures no unauthorized hands touch your instrument

We use only high quality Parts and Strings for our repairs

Don’t forget that Warranty Service is available for many leading manfacturers.

Once we have finished servicing your instrument, we will call to arrange for pickup.

Upon your arrival, we will review the work performed. You will have the opportunity to play the instrument and make sure it meets your standards.

We strive to return your instrument as soon as possible. Most jobs are returned in 1-3 business days, and same-day emergency service is available.

Exact turn around time is dependent upon the extent of the service being performed and the shops current volume of repairs.

All our work is done in house and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Services We Provide

Instrument Maintenance

Guitar Repair - Instrument Maintenance
    • Restrings
    • Full Setups
    • Truss Rod Adjustment
    • Intonation


Guitar Repair - Electronics
    • Wiring Repair
    • Component Replacement
    • Pickup Installation
    • Custom Wiring

Hardware Customization

Guitar Repair - Hardware Customization
    • Strap locks & Buttons
    • Tuning Machines
    • Pickguards
    • Hardware Customization

Fret Work

Guitar Repair - Fret Work
    • Full Refret
    • Partial Refret
    • Fret Level, Crown, & Polish
    • Smooth Sharp Fret Ends

Nuts & Saddles

Guitar Repair - Nuts & Saddles
    • Nut Replacement
    • Saddle Replacement
    • Hand Carved or Prefabricated
    • Bone, Tusq, Graphite, etc.

Structural Repair

Guitar Repair - Structural Repair
    • Headstocks
    • Crack Repair
    • Brace Repair
    • Bridge lift