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Guitar Repair Long Island is owned and operated by expert technician Erik Salomon. Conveniently located in Ronkonkoma NY, just north of the L.I.E. at exit 60, his shop is dedicated to providing quick, honest, and reliable service. His vast experience in all aspects of guitar repair assure he can help with whatever your repair needs are: be it a setup, fretwork, pickup installation, or a custom modification.

In his climate controlled shop, clients are seen one at a time, by appointment only, in order to ensure a personal touch and the highest attention to detail. When schedule permits, he is also available for one-on-one or group guitar repair instruction, stage tech work for live bands, and he often provides contract work for some of the islands finest music stores and recording studios.

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Hand Carved Bone String Nut

hand carved bone nut

Nuts! This customers Gibson Les Paul Studio came into my shop with a broken string nut. In this particular case, the instrument had taken a fall and as a result the nut broke off right at the slot for the low E string.

Top Crack Repair


This Martin guitar came in with a crack in its soundboard. The customer was understandably quite upset because a different tech had recently repaired a crack repaired in virtually the exact same spot!

Bridge Re-Glue


This nylon string guitar came in with the bridge fully off of it! More often than not this type of repair comes in with only a portion of the bridge lifted, which necessitates removal in order to repair properly.

Brace Repair

brace repair

A customer brought this newly-acquired used-guitar into my shop for a routine setup. However, one look into the sound hole of the guitar revealed a cracked back brace.