Repair Photos

Guitar Repair Photos

Please enjoy these selected examples of some of our work. These pictures, although far from an exhaustive list of the services available, offer a snapshot of our craftsmanship.

We also regularly post photos of our work on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Acoustic Guitar Bridge Reglue

For a full description of this repair, visit our blog.

Custom Replacement Pickguard

For a full description of this repair, visit our blog.

Bigsby Install and Wiring Modification

This Fender Telecaster has been heavily modded. It sports an HSS pickup configuration utilizing Seymour Duncan pickups in a WD custom pickguard, push/pull “7 way switch” mod on the tone control, Vibramate bridge plate, and a Bigsby B5 Vibrato.

Pickup Cavity Routing and Pickup Install

This PRS custom 24 has been customized a bit more! We installed some Dimarzio super 2 pickups in the neck and bridge and we routed a pickup cavity for and installed a Dimarzio SDS-1 in the middle position.

Handmade Saddle

For a full description of this repair, visit our blog.

Hand-cut Bone String Nut

For a full description of this repair, visit our blog.

Gouge Repair Touchup

This Epiphone DOT had taken a fall that left a big gouge out of the neck. A full cosmetically perfect touch up was not desired, nor cost effective. But, since it was interfering with the playability of the instrument, we did a quick fill and touch up to get it back to playable condition.

Overhaul for a Les Paul

Full overhaul of this Gibson Les Paul Custom. Repairs included: refret, dimarzio pickups installed, hand carved bone nut, and a full cleaning and polishing of the finish.

Hardware Relicing

For more info on guitar relicing, click here.

Acoustic Pickup Install

For more about the K&K Pure Mini pickup, visit our blog.

Locking Tuner Retrofit

Tuner shaft holes enlarged. Original set screw holes filled and touched up. New set screw holes drilled.

Electric Guitar Rewire

This Gibson SG came stock with a PC board wiring harness and quick clip connectors on the pickups. We upgraded it to a hardwired harness complete with new pickups, CTS 500K volume pots, 500k no-load tone controls, orange drop capacitors and new Gibson dirty finger pickups.

String Ramping

This client had shaved down his saddle for very low action. While all the notes played fine, the guitar had lost some volume and responsiveness due to the lack of break angle behind the saddle. By creating ramped slots, we were able to return that break angle and therefore some of the tone that had been lost by lowering the string height.

Acoustic Neck Reset

This Ovation Custom Balladeer had high action, with no height adjustment left at the saddle. We safely removed the neck, corrected the shallow angle, and reattached. This guitar now has a playable action, and room to adjust at the saddle if needed in the future.

Acoustic Crack Repair

Seamless Repair of a few Top Cracks on a L’arivee acoustic guitar.

Fishman Preamp Install

Fishman side mounted preamp installed into a Manuel Rodrigues requinto.

Hipshot Bending System

Hipshot String Bending System and humbucking pickup install on a Fender Telecaster.

Complete Guitar Assembly

This is a custom Stratocaster that we assembled for a client. We will help you put together the customized strat or tele that you’ve been dreaming of.

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