Salomon Guitars

Salomon SM5K model shop demo guitar. German Spruce top, African Mahogany back/sides, Ebony fingerboard/bridge/faceplate. Pearl Inlay on faceplate, fingerboard and neck block. Grover Tuners, K&K electronics.

Visitors to the shop often ask some variation of the same question: “do you build guitars too?” Occasionally it seems that a new client is misguidedly trying to gauge our ability to fix their guitar based on this question. (For the record: it is well documented that some great guitar makers are awful at repairs, and some fantastic repair techs do not build guitars at all) While more commonly, regular clients ask because they know the quality of our work and would love for us to build them a handmade guitar.

While we do build guitars on occasion, and we would of course be happy to help you assemble a “custom shop” stratocaster or telecaster style guitar from parts, unfortunately we do not currently offer custom made luthier built instruments as a service. Expert repairs and setups are our primary focus, and running a shop as busy as ours is a demanding job. With our current workload and resources available, custom lutherie just isn’t practical for us at this time. Be that as it may, for those curious, there is bound to be a Salomon Guitar in shop for demo purposes. From time to time, completed instruments may pop up available for sale on first come-first served basis. However, we are not accepting orders at present.

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