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Welcome To Our Shop

Here you will find a few photos of the guitar repair shop and retail facilities here at Guitar Repair Long Island. Our clean and organized shop space is 100% dedicated to providing the best care for your instruments. Repairs are the main focus of what we do here! We use professional grade tools and carry a selection of high quality parts and accessories to compliment our repair services.

Take a Photo Tour of our Facilities

G.R.L.I. Street View

Park your car in our private lot and ring the doorbell to be let in for your personalized appointment.

Retail Shop - Guitars, Guitar Strings, Accessories

Our string wall is stocked with trusted brands. Behind the counter, you'll find commonly needed accessories such as cables, straps, capos, picks, tuners, and instrument humidifiers. The showcase contains a selection of electric and acoustic pickups, and our demo area is ready for you to plug in your finished repairs or take a new guitar for a test spin.

Retail Shop - Replacement Parts and Upgrades

Our parts wall is stocked with pick guards, knobs, bridges, saddles, electronic components, that we can turn your instrument around as quickly as possible.

The Repair Shop

Here are some of our repair workstations. Our benches are kept neat and orderly and tools are stored away from the bench top where they could potentially cause accidental damage. Our power tools are all located in an adjacent room to keep the shop clean. Customers cases are also stored securely out of site and reach of visitors.

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