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Kluson Revolution Tuning Machines

Modern Specs Meets Vintage Mounting Configurations

The Kluson Revolution Series of tuning machines is designed specifically to meet the needs of modern players who demand performance, reliability and appearance. 

These models are an easy retrofit to many vintage style tuners with no permanent modification required! 

Kluson "G-Mount" 3x3 Tuning Machines

Direct Replacement for Gibson Deluxe Style Tuners

Here Is Why To Upgrade:

A Broken Gibson Deluxe Tuner

Gibson "Deluxe" Tuners

Kluson Revolution G-Mount Tuners

Two Options Are Available For Direct Installation On Your Guitar

G-Mount Style Tuner For Screw-in Bushings
G-Mount Style Tuner For Press-in Bushings

Kluson "F-Mount" 6-In-line Tuning Machines

Upgrade for Reissue Fender 70's style "F" Tuning Machines

Here Is Why To Upgrade:

Fender "F" Style Tuner

Fender "F" Tuners

Kluson Revolution F-Mount Tuners

Kluson "H-Mount" 6-In-line Tuning Machines

Upgrade for Fender "Vintage Style" Tuning Machines

Here Is Why To Upgrade:

Fender "Vintage-Style" Tuners

Kluson Revolution H-Mount Tuners

We at G.R.L.I. highly recommend these tuning machines as an upgrade. If you are worried about originality / resale value of your valuable instrument don’t be! Just keep the originals in the case. The next owner can swap them back if desired, though I can’t see why anyone would!

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