Amplifier Repairs

Guitar Amp Repair and Bass Amp Repair

Guitar Amplifiers are an important piece of equipment for the electric guitarist.  The best cared for guitar can be silenced without a moments notice by an amp failure.  High voltage, heat, and age can cause components to change value or fail.  If it’s been awhile since your tube amplifier has been serviced, it will most likely benefit from a tune up. We are here to help you with your guitar amp repair needs.

What a setup is to a guitar, a tune up is to an amplifier. If your amp is sounding tired, or weak, if it needs to be reliable for a gig, or it simply has not been played in years, a tune up service is the way to get that amp back in top playing condition.

Tune Ups Include:

  • Examine preamp and power tubes
  • Clean and re-tension tube sockets
  • Check and adjust tube bias
  • Clean input and output jacks
  • Test all potentiometers
  • Inspect and touch up suspect solder joints
  • Examine all capacitors and resistors.
  • Vacuum clean inside of chasis
  • Tighten all screws and nuts
  • Bench test amplifier operation

A tune up includes cleaning and checking the most critical parts of your amplifier’s circuitry. Components that have failed or that are no longer in tolerance are replaced.

Amplifier Repair Pricing & Details:

There is typically a $150 minimum charge for guitar amp repair diagnosis and tune up. This fee covers two hours labor for amplifier diagnosis, tune up, and most general repairs. We may collect this fee as a deposit when you drop off your amp, with any additional parts or labor to be paid at time of pick up.  Deposits are non-refundable unless we determine the amplifier to be beyond repair.

While we are always happy to offer free estimates on our instrument repair services, due to the amount of labor involved in dissembling and diagnosing amplifiers, we must insist on the above minimum bench fee for troubleshooting guitar amp repairs.

Turn around time on guitar amp repairs may vary due to factors such as: the quantity of work in shop, availability of parts and schematics, etc.  Rest assured, our amp techs will do their best to return work as soon as possible.  Customers should anticipate a lead time of 1 week or more for all amplifier repair services.

Most amplifier repairs occur offsite by our expert guitar amp repair service technicians.  With 30+ years of experience behind them, you can be confident that your amp is in good hands. We handle the transaction from start to finish and stand by our technician with a 60 day warranty on all amp repairs.

Guitar Repair Long Island is run by appointment-only to assure personalized service.

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