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Tube Guitar and Bass Amp Repair

Guitar Amplifiers are an important piece of equipment for the electric guitarist.  The best cared for guitar can be silenced without a moments notice by an amp failure.  High voltage, heat, and age can cause components to change value or fail.  If it’s been awhile since your tube amplifier has been serviced, it will most likely benefit from a tune up. We are here to help you with your guitar amp repair needs.

What a setup is to a guitar, a tune up is to an amplifier. If your amp is sounding tired, or weak, if it needs to be reliable for a gig, or it simply has not been played in years, a tune up service is the way to get that amp back in top playing condition.

Tune Ups Include:

  • Examine preamp and power tubes
  • Clean and re-tension tube sockets
  • Check and adjust tube bias
  • Clean input and output jacks
  • Test all potentiometers
  • Inspect and touch up suspect solder joints
  • Examine all capacitors and resistors.
  • Vacuum clean inside of chasis
  • Tighten all screws and nuts
  • Bench test amplifier operation

A tune up includes cleaning and checking the most critical parts of your amplifier’s circuitry. Components that have failed or that are no longer in tolerance are replaced.

Amplifier Repair Pricing and Minimum Bench Fee

“How much will it cost to fix my amp?” is a reasonable enough question.  Unfortunately, the truth is that it’s much more complicated to answer than one might think. Because an amplifier has all of its parts tucked away inside a cabinet, it requires quite a time investment in order to disassemble,  troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and re-assemble.   

Disassembly alone can take anywhere from five minutes to a half an hour depending on the model.  Then it must be bench tested and examined; Perhaps there may time spent locating the correct schematic, testing with a scope and meter, and/or locating and ordering parts, etc. Once repaired, the amp must be run for a length of time to ensure the repair will hold up under use, then reassembled, and play tested again.  

Due to the amount of labor involved in dissembling and diagnosing amplifiers, we must insist on a minimum bench fee of $150 for all guitar amp repairs. We may collect this fee as a deposit when you drop off your amp, with any additional parts or labor to be paid at time of pick up. Deposits are non-refundable unless we determine the amplifier to be beyond repair.  To make for a quicker and smoother repair, we generally request a “call for approval if price goes over ‘x’ threshold”.

Service Pricing
Tune Up / Diagnostic - (Minimum Bench Fee) $150
- Replace Power Cord
(Convert 2 prong to 3 prong)
+ $25
- Replace and Bias Power Tubes + $50-75
- Replace Transformer + $75
- Replace Filter / Electrolytic Capacitors + $100-150
Service Pricing
Replace Speaker(s) $50 and up
Troubleshoot Amplifier Hourly Rate Applies

* Above Prices are subject to change given the specifics of the particular amp in question and do not include the cost of parts.  

Amp Parts

We do our best to keep the most commonly required parts on hand, including: fuses, power tubes, resistors, capacitors, power cords, etc.  However, items like speakers, power/output transformers, reverb tanks, etc. are generally not stocked. It is simply not practical due to the wide variety available and their expense.  If your amp requires parts to be ordered, the lead time for repair will be affected. We appreciate your patience. 

Amp Modifications

Our aim is to service amplifiers and return them to proper working order.  With the excepton of replacing speakers, or performing well documented mods to account for known reliability issues, we typically do not modify amplifiers in order to tweak their tone to an owners tastes.  

Regarding Printed Circuit board Amps

Many of todays compact and budget friendly amplifiers employ printed circuit boards with surface mounted parts for their internal components. While this may speed up production and lower manufacturing costs, in many cases, these designs are not conducive to the repair of faulty components.  In these instances, if the product is under warranty, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or seeking out a factory authorized service center if one is available.  Only they will have access to the proprietary replacement boards or can facilitate the replacement of the product. Once outside of warranty, often times these products are unsupported by the manufacturer and are simply unserviceable.   

Lead Time, Warranty, and Additional Details

Turn around time on guitar amp repairs may vary due to factors such as: the quantity of work in shop, availability of parts and schematics, etc.  Rest assured that our amp techs will do their best to return work as soon as possible.  Customers should anticipate a lead time of 2 weeks minimum for all amplifier repair services.

Most basic amplifier service occurs on premises.  However, depending on the nature of the service required and our current back log, we may elect to have your amp repaired off-site by one of the expert guitar amp repair service technicians that we have partnered with. Either way, we will handle and insure the transaction from start to finish.  

We stand behind our service with a 60 day warranty on all amp repairs.

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