Instrument Appraisals from GRLI

It’s not just an instrument, its an investment. A professional written appraisal from Guitar Repair Long Island documents your instrument and its value for purposes of insurance, buying/selling, or just for your piece of mind! Have you ever wondered “how much is my guitar worth?”, “What year was my guitar made?”, or “what kind of guitar do I have?” Guitar Repair Long Island can answer these questions through our professional guitar and bass appraisal service.

For our $99 appraisal fee, Erik Salomon, the owner of Guitar Repair Long Island,  will personally inspect your instrument, take detailed photos, research the model and current market value, and provide you with written documentation for your records.  This is a thoroughly investigated appraisal, requiring time, experience, and other research resources at our disposal. This is far beyond some “ballpark estimate” that you might get offered for free elsewhere and since we don’t buy used or vintage instruments from our clients, you can trust that the price we give is an honest estimate of fair market value.

For the most detailed and accurate appraisal, we highly recommend bringing your instrument to our shop for in-person evaluation. If that is not possible, please contact us to setup an email appraisal. Email appraisal clients should be prepared to provide 6-10 high resolution photos of the instrument, serial number, and a description of any modifications, repairs, or other issues not apparent from the photos.

* Please note, appraisal fee must be paid in full before service is performed.

Appraisal Service Includes

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