Banjo Repairs

Banjo Repairs and Setups

Banjo pickers are always welcome at G.R.L.I.

While guitars and basses undeniably get the bulk of our affections here in shop, we know that banjo players need someone to show their instruments some love too!

While these instruments share some obvious similarities with the guitar, they have many unique features that require instrument specific knowledge, tools, and techniques to get them playing correctly. 

G.R.L.I. is ready to help with all of your banjo repair needs.  We have strings and basic parts in stock to get your instrument back to you ASAP.

Banjo Repair Pricing

Service Pricing
Banjo Restring
(includes: restring, stretch strings, oil fingerboard, polish & tune)
Banjo Setup
(Includes the above, plus: head adjustment, truss rod, coordinator rod adjustment, Nut action corrected)
Clean, polish, and buff hardware
(Disassembly required)
$90 + setup
Head replacement - Plastic $55 + setup
Head Replacement - Natural Calf Skin $90 + setup
Railroad Spike Installation $15 each
Sliding Capo Installation $45
5th string nut installation $45
5th string tuner installation $45 and up

The chart above covers the most commonly requested banjo specific repairs and services.  Other services such as fret work, etc. are covered here: Repair Pricing

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