Guitar Case Repair

Guitar Case Repair

Guitar cases are an important piece of equipment. They serve to protect your instrument from dings, dents, and bruises. When used together with the proper humidification device, they can also help to prevent humidity damage such as warping and cracking. Furthermore, having the original case to accompany an instrument can also be an important selling point when buying or selling a vintage or valuable instrument.

However, years of (ab)use can take their toll. Fortunately, Guitar Repair Long Island is now offering guitar and instrument case repair services. Broken handles, latches, and hinges don’t have to mean the end of the line for your instrument case. Before you buy a new one, see if Guitar (case) Repair Long Island can fix your original. A seemingly ruined case can often be repaired quickly and inexpensively. Instrument case repair is yet another reason why G.R.L.I. is the areas top destination for instrument care and maintenance.

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