Instrument Evaluations

Instrument Evaluations

Make sure your instrument is playing its best

On the spot inspections!

Fretted musical instruments are beautiful and surprisingly complex pieces of equipment.  A seemingly subtle issue or adjustment can make a world of difference in terms of playability.  Especially for newly acquired instruments, we always recommend having them professionally evaluated to be sure that they are healthy and capable of providing years of enjoyment.  For this reason, Guitar Repair Long Island is happy to offer on the spot evaluations for instruments both new and old. No pressure, just our honest, expert, opinion.

Upon arriving for your appointment, we will thoroughly evaluate your instrument’s health and work with you to determine the course of action that best fits your needs and budget.  Due to scheduling constraints, in shop evaluations are subject to the shops minimum bench fee of $45. This charge will be waved if the prescribed work is approved. Should we find the instrument to be in need of service, we may be able to accommodate quick adjustments or repairs (10 minutes or less) while your wait, at no additional cost.

If more extensive troubleshooting is required, and you elect to leave the instrument for service, you will be provided a claim ticket with an estimated cost and completion date for all work to be performed. All quotes are based off of our extensive repair price list, so you know that you are being treated fairly. Should anything additional come up during the course of the repair, we will contact you for authorization before performing the additional work.

All Evaluations Include:

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