Effect Pedalboard Setup and Maintenance

Guitar Repair Long Island is pleased to offer effect pedalboard setup and maintenance service.  You can say goodbye to the birds nest of wires at your feet and signal loss due to bad cables, insufficient power supplies, or sloppy connections.  Using a customized layout and optimized signal flow, we will expertly wire up a clean and ergonomic pedal board to fit your needs. Do you already have a pedalboard that just needs some tweaking?  We can help with that too.

We also offer a full pedalboard health check. Billed at our standard hourly rate, this service includes; a general cleaning, patch cable testing and replacement as necessary, Tightening and lubrication of all jacks and switches, etc. to ensure that your board is as ready to perform as you are.

G.R.L.I. recommends and is an authorized dealer for pedaltrain, an industry leading maker of pedalboards and pedal board accessories.  They offer many different size boards to accommodate every manner of setup, from the simple tuner and amplifier foot switch style rig, to a full on “mission control console” style setup. To connect your pedals, we offer custom cut jumper cables from D’Addario to suit your board’s unique layout and configuration.  These solder-less cables are easily adjustable to any size needed.  The starter package comes with enough for 5 stomboxes and additional connectors can be purchased individually for future expansion of your pedalboard setup! Finally, to power your board, we carry power supplies from TRUETONE.  They offer a host of options to quietly power any size board.

Does your pedal rig look like this?

We can help!

Initial pedalboard setup: $95 & up

Pedalboard adjustments: $25 each

Recommended Components

Custom Cable Kits for Pedalboard by D’Addario

Suitable for 5 pedals: $69.99

Pedalboards from pedaltrain

All sizes sold at MAP pricing. Contact us for details.

TRUETONE – 1 SPOT Isolated Power Supplies

Options available to fit any pedalboard power requirements. Mounts discreetly underneath pedaltrain boards via included brackets. All sold at MAP pricing. Contact us for details.

Lock in your settings with LOKNOB!

We’ve all been there: your equipment gets bumped accidentally and your settings are lost. It used to be that the only fix was to put ugly tape over the knobs, or keep a hand drawn diagram of settings, but with LOKNOB, your settings are locked!

Broken Effect Pedals – pedal repairs

Regarding broken or non-functioning pedals in need of repairs: Due to the proprietary nature of these devices, schematics and parts are often unavailable for most effect units. It is typically recommended to contact the manufacturer with any pedal repair needs. However, select effect pedal repairs for faulty or malfunctioning components such as switches, jacks, control pots, battery terminals, etc. may be available on a case by case basis. Please contact us with any questions.

Our Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guitar Repair Long Island is proud to offer a 60 day warranty on all labor and components used in our pedalboards. We recommend that clients purchase any parts needed directly from us in order to ensure proper fit and quality. If preferred, customers are always welcome to supply their own parts. However, please be advised that G.R.L.I.’s warranty will not be extended to any part or component not provided by G.R.L.I.

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