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Guitar Repair Pricing

Instrument Maintenance

Restring* Setup**
Acoustic Guitar – Steel or Nylon String
(+$15 for 12-stringed instruments)
$35 $65
Electric Guitar
(No extra charge for bigsby, 7-string guitars, 5-string basses, etc. +$15 for 12-stringed instruments)
$35 $75
Locking or Headless Design
(i.g. Floyd Rose, Kahler, Steinberger, Strandberg)
$55 $95
Ukulele $30 $60
Mandolin $40 $75
(click here to see more banjo repair services)
$45 $85

* If your instrument has never been serviced by us before, or it has not been serviced recently, it will not be eligible for a basic “restring” service. The “setup” option will be required.  

Restring includes: removal of old strings, clean/condition fingerboard (if needed), restring, stretch strings, polish & tune.

**All setups include restring.

Click here to learn more about setups

General Maintenance

Cleaning Fee
(remove sticker residue and/or clean extremely dirty instrument)
$20 & Up
Humidify Instrument
(Monitor restoration of instrument to proper humidity levels.)
Seized or difficult to remove hardware $10 and up
(applies to the researching and sourcing of obscure parts, schematics, etc.)
hourly rate applies (1/2hr minimum)

Nuts & Saddles


Fill and recut Nut Slots $10
Fit Pre-slotted String Nut
(I.E. Graphtech or Earvana drop-in nut)
Fabricate String Nut
(Materials Available: Bone, Graphite, Tusq, Etc.)
Fabricate 12 string or Mandolin Nut $120*
Lower Locking Nut Height $25
LSR Roller Nut Installation $125*
Buzz Feiten Retrofit $150 + $29 blank

* discounted setup or restring available for additional fee

** Difficult Removal of Nut +$20 to any installation

Acoustic Saddles

Fit Pre-made Saddle
(I.E. Graph-tech)
Fabricate Saddle
(Materials Available: Bone, Micarta, Tusq, Etc.)
* discounted setup or restring available for additional fee

Electric Saddles

Saddle Install Fender Style $10 individual
$25 complete set
Saddle Install Gibson Style
(remove tension wire, slot saddle, etc.)
$15 individual
$40 complete set
Seized or difficult to remove hardware
(Free, clean, and lubricate rusty screws)
$10 and up


Electronic Repair

Clean / Tighten Electronics* $20
Output Jack Replacement* $35
Wiring Repair*
(Re-soldering 1-3 loose wires)
Potentiometer Installation* $40
Switching Potentiometer Installation*
(I.E. Push/Pull Pot for coil splits or series/parallel wiring)
Pickup Selector Switch* $50
Shield Control Cavities $60 & Up
Rewire Instrument*
(Priced per component, less 30% discount for full rewire)
Tele = $175
Strat = $200
LP/SG Style = $225
Precision Bass = $120
Jazz Bass = $165
Rout Body for electronics
(I.E. battery boxes, pickup cavities, etc.)
$75 & Up
Troubleshoot Wiring Issues Hourly Rate Applies
*Hollow body instruments, without control cavity access, may be subject to additional fee for any wiring job. (add $25 – $60)

Pickup Repairs

pickup cover install or removal (humbucking pickup) $25 per pickup
+ wax potting if desired
Wax Potting of pickup $30 per pickup
Swap pickup magnets or reverse polarity $30 per pickup
Replace humbucker pickup leads
(I.E. convert to 4 conductor or braided cable)
$35 per pickup
Rewind $60+ per coil
Troubleshoot and repair Hourly Rate Applies
* plus pickup removal/reinstallation fee if required

Electric Guitar Pickups

Single Pickup Installation* $60
Multiple Pickup Installation* $90
EMG installation
Convert guitar for EMG solderless pickups and control system.

Price includes installation of
(1) pickup,
(1) Volume,
(1) tone, output jack, and battery.

Additional charges for added components.
$100 & Up
Piezo Pickup System Installation
(I.E. Graph Tech Ghost or Fishman Powerbridge)
$175 & Up
Sustainiac Stealth Pro Installation
(Routing often required at additional cost)
$250 & Up
Rout Body for electronics
(I.E. battery boxes, pickup cavities, etc.)
$75 & Up

* Additional charges may apply if troubleshooting is required in order to attain proper phase relationship with existing pickups or split coil configurations.

** Hollow body instruments, without control cavity access, may be subject to additional fee for any wiring job. (add $25 – $60)

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Sound Hole Pickup
(Includes mounting pickup and reaming/installing endpin jack)
Sound Board Pickup
(I.E. K&K Pure Mini)
Under Saddle Pickup
(I.E. Fishman Matrix Infinity)
Taylor Expression System Replacement or Upgrade
(Full system replacement. Factory authorized service center for ES2 retrofit)
Rout Body for electronics
(I.E. battery boxes, side mounted acoustic preamps, etc.)
$75 & Up

Hardware Customization

Strap Buttons

String guide (“string tree”) installation $10
Strap Button Installation
(I.E. locate, pilot and install new strap button location)
Strap Lock Installation
(I.E. Dunlop or Schaller style locks)
Dowel & Repilot
(I.E. fix stripped, worn out, strap button hole)
Screw Extraction
(remove broken screw, dowel and repilot)
*Finish touch-up additional if required

Pickguards & Inlay

Mount Pickguard $20 & up
Fabricate Pickguard
(hand cut custom pickguard from plastic blank)
$90 & up
Back/control plate Fabrication $50 & up
Inlay Fretboard Dots: Single $50
Inlay Fretboard Dots: Full Board $175
Inlay Side Dots: Full board
*finish touchup additional if required.
Inlay Trapezoid or block style inlays
(best results when performed with re-fret)
Custom Inlay Work Hourly Rate Applies

Tuning Machines

Tuning Machine Install (direct fit, standard guitar or bass) $15
Tuning Machine Install (Retrofit)
(Includes reaming headstock to accept new tuners, drill set screws, replace bushings, etc.)
Tuning Machine Repair
(clean/lubricate, replace missing buttons/bushings/washers, etc.)
$10 each

*setup strongly recommended at additional fee

Bridges, Tremolos, and Tailpieces

“Tremolo stop” Installation $20
“Tremsetter” Installation $30
Mount bridge/tremolo (direct replacement) $25
Tremolo block replacement $45
Bigsby Installation $65 & Up
Install bridge/tremolo (non direct fit)
(Includes plugging/drilling holes)
$105 & Up
Rout body for bridge/tremolo installation
(I.E. Floyd Rose retrofit, Evertune installation, etc. )
$350 & up

Necks & Fret Work

Fret Work / Fret Filing

Re-Seat Loose Frets $10 each OR
$60 full fretboard.
Light Fret Dressing
(applies to: filing of sharp fret edges, polishing of frets to remove scratches or tool marks, filing of individual high fret, etc. +$20 if fingerboard masking is required))
Fret Level, Crown, and Polish*
(level all frets with flat file, re-radius tops, and polish out to high shine. +$20 if fingerboard masking is required))
* discounted setup or restring available for additional fee


Partial Re-fret
(Replace select frets due to damage or uneven play wear)
$20 per fret + fret level
Full Re-Fret Unbound Fingerboard
(Nickel Silver, Stainless-Steel or EVO Fretwire)
Full Re-Fret Bound Fingerboard
(Nickel Silver, Stainless-Steel or EVO Fretwire)

(All Full Refrets Include: Level, Crown, and Polish.)

* discounted setup, new nut, etc. may be required at additional fee.

**factors such as removal/reinstallation of inlays, or Lacquered fingerboards may incur additional costs.  In person inspection required for quote

Neck Resets

Electric Bolt on Neck
(I.E. Fender strat or tele)
Taylor NT Neck Reset
(1999 to present)
Acoustic bolt on neck joint with glued on fingerboard extension
(I.E. Taylor pre 1999, Collings, some Ovation)
Martin mortise and tenon joint $375
Martin style dovetail neck joint $450
All other makes must quote

* discounted setup, fretwork, new nut/saddle, etc. may be required at additional fee.

Other Neck Work

Mount Neck (direct replacement)) $45
Install Neck (fitting required) $75
Scallop Fretboard $20 per fret
“Speed Neck”
(Remove finish from back of neck, smooth and apply oil finish)
Fretless Conversion
(turn fretted bass into fretless)
$400 & up
Truss Rod Repair or Replacement
(if fingerboard removal is required $500 & up, plus fretwork as needed)
Hourly Rate Applies

Structural Repair

Crack Repairs & Broken Headstocks

Headstock Re-glue

* Finish touch-up may be available for extra charge
$150 & up
Crack Repair / Seam Separation (top, back, or sides)

* Finish touch-up may be available for extra charge
$75 & up
Fingerboard Cracks / Separations Hourly rate applies
* discounted setup or restring available for additional fee

Acoustic Bridges and braces, binding, & other stuctural Repairs

Ramp/Slot bridge $30
Plane Bridge
(add $50 if routing of saddle slot is required)
Bridge reglue*
(add $50 if heat treatment of warped bridge plate is required)
Bridge Replacement $225 & up
Fabricate Replacement Acoustic Bridge Hourly rate applies
Platemate Installation (protects bridge plate) $10
Repair worn bridge plate $150
Replace bridge plate $350 & up
Bracing Reglue*
(resecure loose acoustic guitar support bracing)
First brace – $45
Additional – $25 each
Binding Reglue or Repair Hourly rate applies
* discounted setup or restring available for additional fee

Sanding & Buffing

Buff out guitar top $75
Buff out whole guitar $115
Wet sand & buff top $125
Wet sand & buff whole guitar $225
*disassembly and/or setup additional

Paint & Finishing

“Touch Up”
(CA finish, lacquer, etc.)
Drop Fill – $75 & up
Spray – $100 & up
Refinish Fingerboard Hand Rubbed $50
Refinish Fingerboard Glossy $150
Re-decal Headstock (Fender style) $50
Refinish Headstock (clear) $100
Refinish Neck $300 & up
Refinish Body service not offered
Other Finish Work Hourly Rate Applies
Relicing Hourly Rate Applies
*disassembly and/or setup additional

Minimum Bench Fee – $45 

Hourly Rate – $90 Per Hour

Packaging Fees on shipped guitars – $15 each direction


Parts and strings available for additional fee, unless otherwise noted. 
(all prices are subject to change – prices shown before local tax)

Our work is performed up to a standard, not down to a price. 

The fees are based on the amount of care, time and concern spent on the work, and for our years of experience. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for, make sure to Contact Us for a custom quote. 

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