Rush Services

Guitar Repair Rush Service

- For When It Just Can’t Wait -

At Guitar Repair Long Island, we strive to return instruments to our clients as soon as possible. Our appointment-only system is designed to aid us in providing both a high quality of service and a turnaround time that is unmatched. 

Once in shop, standard services such as setups and other basic jobs are typically completed within 2-3 business days. However, this time frame may fluctuate based on our schedule and the particulars of a given job.

We know as well as anyone that sometimes schedules are especially tight. For these occasions, we are happy to offer a rush service option to our clients.

Jump Our Waitlist And Move To The Front Of The Line

For a 30% premium, setups and other basic services
may be eligible for next business day rush work.

Services Eligible for Next Day Rush Work

Jump to the front of the line. We aim to complete these jobs within 24 hours.

This appointment type is designed for the routine service or upgrade of an instrument that has been well maintained. If evaluation reveals the need for additional work, more time may be required and the expected turn-around time would be adjusted accordingly. The rush fee still applies.

Rush service jobs are offered at a premium to our competitive pricing. Since we keep a full schedule and cannot allow ourselves to fall behind, the fee covers the overtime that becomes necessary to maintain our obligations to our other clients. Warranty repairs are not eligible for rush service.

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