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Taylor Guitars are known the world over for their innovative designs, building techniques, and electronics. Familiarity with these proprietary features is essential to their proper maintenance. The techs at Guitar Repair Long Island have been providing factory authorized service on these quality instruments for over a decade and we are the only shop in the tri-state area authorized to perform the Expression System 2 Upgrade.

Frequently Asked Warranty Questions

If your instrument has not been previously registered, a sales receipt, showing you as the original owner, will be required in order to process any warranty claim. Please have a copy with you upon arrival for your appointment, or email it ahead of time.  

Manufacturer’s warranties typically cover the against defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period of time.  Often, onboard electronics will be warranted for a shorter time than the rest of the instrument.

Manufacturers warranties do not protect against wear and tear or damage due to improper care or negligence on the part of the owner.

An in shop instrument evaluation is the only way to confirm if a repair is eligible for warranty consideration.

If you would like to contact us with any questions, please include photos if applicable, we will do our best to pre-evaluate your concerns.

Please take note of the manufacturers guidelines regarding appropriate humidity control. Instruments will be inspected for signs of humidity damage before a claim is submitted. If the instrument shows evidence that these protocols have not been adhered to, the claim may be denied.

All warranty claims require the manufacturers approval before work can begin.  Their response time varies widely and this process can often take several days before clearance is given.

Warranty repairs are ineligible for Rush Service appointments.

This lead time is beyond our control and your patience is appreciated while we work within the manufacturers parameters.

If the item must be returned to the manufacturer for service, shipping and handling fees are generally not covered by warranty.

Guitar Repair Long Island reserves the right to collect reimbursement of any shipping charges as well as fees for packaging and handling as required.

In recent years, instrument manufacturers have largely opted-out of maintaining an authorized service center network, instead requiring consumers to contact the instrument dealer for all warranty considerations.

Of the few brands remaining that offer service centers, many have either stopped accepting applications from non-dealers or have set terms and conditions that are incompatible with the standards of workmanship we aim to provide our clients.

As such, we have opted out of performing warranty service for all but the brands listed above. We will seek to partner with additional companies whenever circumstances allow.

Additional work, such as a setup, may be recommended for optimal playability. 
Routine maintenance or any type or service related to “wear and tear” is not covered by manufacturers warranty and, if desired, may be added at the owner’s expense .

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