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Guitar Maintenance for the Musician

I am often asked “how did you learn guitar repair?” For myself, in short, it was a mixture of good fortune, dedication, and perseverance.

In the beginning, I was privileged to be mentored over several years by some very generous master craftsman. From them I was able to learn the basic skills I needed. Later on, I continued learning on the job, through experience, in the shop as a tech. Additionally, I continue to consume countless books, manuals, videos, forums, seminars, etc. to stay at the top of my game. My experience is certainly not typical and perhaps not practical for many. Having gotten that out of the way, I can move on to what is often the underlying question:

“how can I learn guitar repair?”

At the very least, basic instrument setup and maintenance knowledge can be an asset to many musicians and other music industry professionals.  However, most people do not have the time, money, or frankly the need for all that comes with enrolling in a luthiers program or trade school.  To complicate matters even further, there aren’t many to choose from, particularly on the east coast!  It is with that in mind that I offer my “Guitar Maintenance for the Musician” tutoring sessions for those that wish to learn guitar repair.

These one-on-one sessions, taking place in my shop, are custom tailored to the student based around what you want to learn!  These lessons could be invaluable for the working musician, music store employee, or any inquisitive hobbyist that wants to learn the basics.  You will benefit from step-by-step guidance, hands on practice, and receive conscience information for your notes.

Learn Guitar Repair: One-On-One Tutoring Sessions

Lessons could be:

  • Basic acoustic guitar setup
  • Basic electric guitar setup
  • Floyd-Rose guitar setup
  • Guitar electronics for beginners

All Lessons Include:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • hands on learning
  • Student dictated curriculum
  • Relaxed setting
  • Flexible hourly scheduling

To be a good guitar tech requires skills in many different disciplines: woodworking, metalworking, electronics, finishing, musicianship, design, problem solving, etc.. Each of these aspects can take years to master individually.  For example, the knowledge and techniques required to do fretwork doesn’t have much overlap with those needed for wiring a set of pickups. In these classes, rather than present a broad overview of many different skills that yields little in the way of duplicable results, I prefer to limit my classes to focused, intensive, one-on-one student driven experiences.

While there is no set “curriculum”, I focus each class on a specific skill set and aim to have you leave with a wealth of knowledge about that subject, and ideally the confidence that you may duplicate the task on your own. Classes utilize my benches and tools, while students typically elect to service their own guitars. For basic jobs we can use your regular instruments. When learning more advanced techniques, I recommend the purchase of inexpensive “yard sale special” type guitars to practice on.

Half day (4 hour) one-on-one workshops are $399. This allows enough time to show you the procedure of a desired skill step by step, get some hands on time with close supervision, as well as provide you with some resources for further learning / what tools to buy and where to get them. Furthermore, if you are bringing your own guitars, you walk out with the added value of a freshly worked on instrument or two, along with the skills to duplicate the results.

I make my living working on instruments.  You should not expect to walk out after one, or even several sessions, ready to work professionally. However, I will do my best to impart lessons that I have painstakingly built up over years of “doing things the hard way”. These classes are a response to numerous client requests. I don’t currently offer any specific group, full day, or multi-day courses, but please contact me if you have something in mind.

Experience Matters: I have assisted in teaching guitar repair seminars from coast to coast.  One of my private student now owns a successful guitar shop in Key West Florida! Having trained many guitar techs working in the field today, I can confidently teach you the tricks of the trade.

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